Web Platform

Gain better control of your spaces

Member Management

The key to any successful office management. 

  • Manage members.
  • Allocate resources individually. 
  • Track their resource utilisation patters. 
  • Transfer members from one space to another. 
  • Track their Service Requests. 

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure and its utilisation is the key to running an office space. 


  • Add/Edit/Modify infrastructure in your facility. 
  • Create workspaces (Hot Desk/Dedicated Desk/Private Office/Conference and Video Conference rooms, Sleeping Pod’s and break out spaces. 
  • Track in real time, utilisation of your infrastructure. 

Multi-space Infrastructure Accessibility

Manage all of your spaces around the world in one central location. 

Enable multi-space infrastructure access to your members.

Asset Management

Assets form an integral part of your business. 

  • Add/Edit/Modify Assets with tracking information. 
  • Assign assets to members, so know where your assets are at any given time. 

Access Control

The web platform comes with convenient access control for you to structure the operations:

  • General Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Admin. 

Event Management

The next time you are hosting an event, don’t spend time on sending mailers, instead use the in-built Event Management section to create Public and Private events. 

Private events will be pushed to all your members (in one space or multiple locations). 

Public events will be pushed on to the aCubeNow® mobile app and will be shown across all the users of the app. 

Meeting Room Credits Management

Credits management has never been easier. 

Create/Edit Credits for all your members in a central location. 

Provide credits individually for each seat, so that you need not bother if it is a Private Office / Dedicated Desk / Hot Desk in the central section and see the magic. 

Printing Management and Credits

Giving the ultimate convenience for your members is your obsession. We understand that. We integrated Ezeep, the worlds leading cloud printing management service into the aCubeNow® platform. Allow your members to print from their computer, mobile device from anywhere in the world. The platform tracks each print and gives you a consolidated report. 

As a Business service provider, it becomes a breeze to monitor the printer utilisation. 


The heart of any business operations are the analytics. We at aCubeNow® put our heart and soul into creating the best, meaningful and practical reports you might require. Export the reports as a PDF, .CSV or .XLS files and use them as per your need. 

If you don’t find a report you require in the list, send us a request and we will have it curated for you. 

SR Management

We understand your business runs on experience and commitment for your clients. The in-built Service Request Management helps members to log service requests from their mobile apps and for your as a business owner, sort and provide you reports on the requests raised for you to track and address them in a timely manner. 

The Service Request Management can also be configured to your Service Level Agreements. 

Billing and Invoicing

We at aCubeNow® love keeping things simple. This is why we integrated Razor Pay (India & Global), 2CheckOut (Middle East) and Stripe (Global) Payment Gateways into the aCubeNow® platform. Just insert your keys into the aCubeNow® and use your own Payment Gateway for your Invoicing. 

Talk about simplicity and #redefining #coworking. 

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