Visitor Management System (VMS)

An innovative way to manage your front office.

The aCubeNow® Visitor Management System (VMS) is an integrated iPad / Android tablet application

available on the AppStore and Play Store. 

Visitor Management

Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing…

People remember experiences. This is the reason we designed the VMS to be intuitive and ensure your visitor is not left without answers. 

The self-explanatory VMS app ensures your visitor understands your organisation workflow by seeing the options. Be it coming in for an inquiry, visiting a member, attending an interview or an event in your space or for an urgent need of space, we got them all covered. 

 Also, send a welcome email along with Rules of Road and guest wifi credentials to your visitor if you choose to. 

#Experience the #Experience. 

Capture Picture and ID Card

In most parts of the world, capturing your visitors picture or a valid ID is mandatory. 

We got this covered. The app allows for capturing photo along with a valid ID.  

If you do not wish to make this mandatory, it can always remain optional. 


Providing an experienced interaction with your space does not end with a world class VMS, but how we react is also very important. 

When a visitor chooses what they wish to do, the aCubeNow® system sends alerts to the concerned party, so that the needful can be done immediately and your visitor is welcomed. 

On the spot Bookings

People have varied needs. We don’t want to leave anything for chance. 

The API’s which come with the aCubeNow® platform can be integrated to your website to allow for online booking of your space. 

The VMS also has option for visitors to book your infrastructure at the touch of the button. 

#Getting new #business has never been so easy!

By the way, did we already mention that you can use your own Payment Gateway for all online transactions which happen through the aCubeNow® Platform? 

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