Mobile Apps

aCubeNow® is available on App Store and Play Store.

Meeting Room Booking

The aCubeNow® member mobile app provides for easy infrastructure access to your members. Allowing them to, 

  • Book Meeting Room.
  • Invite other members for the meeting.
  • Invite people outside the organisation for the meeting. 

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Credits Management

Members can view meeting room credits assigned to them in real time. 

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Printing Credits

Members can view their printing credits on the mobile app.

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Member Directory

The member directory on the mobile app allows members to view profiles of other members in the space/organisation. 

Privacy is of utmost importance and members can control what information can be shown when they update their profile. 


When the space publishes events, members can view the list of upcoming events on the events page.

They can even confirm their participation and also pay online (if the event is chargeable). 

Was #life so #easy before? 

My Feed

When you connect your Social Media to your space, we show the #facebook and #twitter feeds for all your members. 

Innovative #news management!

Service Request

When your member faces an issue with coffee machine or printer is out of cartridge, don’t make them find you, instead, allow them to log a Service Request from their mobile app which comes to the admin’s queue which can be easily addressed. 

Why was it #never like #this? 

View and Pay Invoices

Allow your members to view their monthly invoices on their mobile app and provide them the convenience of paying their due’s through the app itself. 

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We understand that you will want to brand your space. 

Upload your logo on the admin page and your members will only see your logo going forward. 


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