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We designed aCubeNow®, the world’s first CMS (Co-working Management System) based on the Member Centric Architecture (MCA), derived from our propreitery thinkStrategy® approach.


aCubeNow® encompasses key workflow automations for your Co-working and Shared office space along with providing tools to Communicate with your Members; Future Clients; Creating & Managing meaningful events; Creating, Monitoring and Measuring utilisation of your assets and infrastructure, and enabling discovery of your space around the world.


Our Vision is to create a meaningful & connected Technology Platform for enabling #coworking and provide #just-in-time resources to strengthen #innovation and enhance business outcomes.

Discover the aCubeNow® Platform today and create the #workplace of #tomorrow.


For Individuals

We at aCubeNow® are focused to help you find the right Co-working space

Co-working @ your fingertips

With access to over 10,000 Co-working spaces in more than 135Countries, you are never far away from finding a Co-working space where ever you go. With myDesk app, you will be able to find the right space to work out of at your fingertips.

Professional Events Directory

What you want is what you see (WYWIWYS). With myDesk.now app, you will have access to all professional events happening in the geographical location you are located in. This will help you find the most meaningful events and enable you to book for the event through the app.

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