aCubeNow™is the world’s first Co-working Management System, designed on the pricipals of Member Centric Architecture, derived from our propreitery thinkStrategy® and thinkAlgorithm® approach’s.

aCubeNow™ encompasses key workflow automations for your Co-working space along with providing tools to Communicate with your Members; Future Clients; Creating & Managing meaningful events; Creating, Monitoring and Measuring utilisation of your assets and infrastructure, and enabling discovery of your space around the world.

Key highlights of the Platform

  • Ability to manage Single and Multiple Spaces
  • Ability to manage members and employees of the space.
  • Comes with iOS/Android apps for members to use.
  • Create, Publish and manage events (with SEO)
  • Realtime analytics of infrastructure utilization
  • Manage discoverablity of your space and events.
  • Billing, Invoicing and Payment consolidations.

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Co-working is just not about creating a space, but it is about creating value, convenience and being discoverable to the world.

With our independent iOS/Android apps, one has access to directory of co-working spaces near them at any time, in 115 countries. Our partnership with Coworker helps you to not only find a space, but book the same.

This is just the beginning, watch out for more features coming soon.