SaaS approach to Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for Co-working, Shared Office and Commercial Real Estate.

The only IWMS you would ever need…

Powerful Visitor Management System, Intelligent Operations Dashboard, Member & Visitor apps & Third Party Services Integration. More power to you.

Make your workspace work for you.

Leverage powerful analytics and machine learning to boost the productivity of your office space(s).

Adoption is on you. Adaption is on us.

Rest assured that our adaptive workflows will always keep you in control – anywhere, anytime.

Actionable insights. Intelligent operations.

Enhance your decision making through our self-learning algorithms, designed to harness data and provide insights.

Manage your workspace. Seamlessly.

That’s the promise of HAPLO® – the one stop platform to plan, track, streamline and organise your space(s). From the big picture to the smallest achievable task, HAPLO® gives you complete and total visibility through a truly intuitive interface – so that you can always prioritise what matters most.

Analytics driven automation

We baked HAPLO® with robust data-harvesting capabilities and a little bit more of common sense to help you build a better workspace – for you and your clients. All this is powered by our proprietary adaptive workflow that evolves as you do and provides insights even before you ask.

End-to-End Integration

HAPLO® is engineered to ease user adoption as much as possible. From the time your clients make an enquiry to when they are onboarded, we ensure optimum engagement every step of the way.

Democratic Operations

We designed HAPLO® with a conscience – to create a truly democratic platform that powers your business. This means that, should you choose to employ any other software for your operations, we will integrate it and provide you with a centralised dashboard to support your operations. Simply put, you build your business exactly how you want to.

Dynamic Business Engagement

The key to building a successful business is to create an experience which displays respect and the key to building a technology is to ensure there is heart and soul for the workflow. HAPLP® is not just a technology offering, but a way of creating a work culture.

The platform not only helps you ease your space operations, but also makes it easy for you to control your business.

Space Management

Member Management

API Integrations

All the features you need

HAPLO® is baked to the brim to boost the productivity of your spaces and keep things in control.

Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Integrate your web site to the HAPLO® to enable online bookings to your space.

We also provide API integrations to any other software products you might use.

Enterprise Solutions / Licence Software

Today’s world is about collaborating and working together. We do not believe in we know it all, rather respect your expertise too.

We can integrate our offering into your bigger solution and provide you with all the support for our platform.


We deploy, maintain and manage the platform completely white-labelled for your organisation.

Multi-space infrastructure accessibility

Give your members the power of anywhere, anytime access to all your infrastructure.


Because we believe in creating a #workspace of #tomorrow.

For Individuals

The free HAPLO® app available for download on AppStore and Play Store provides you with Directory of Co-working spaces around the world along with interesting events posted by our clients.  


The HAPLO® platform enables you to integrate any other software. Why? Because, we believe that you need all the tools to run a successful business.

Member Apps

The member app provides complete control to your members including – booking meeting/conference rooms, tracking credits, logging issues and view/pay their invoices.


Having access to real time metrics is always the key to a successful business. With aCubeNow® analytics platform, you can create custom reports which matter to you along with the in-built reports which we have created.

Start using the HAPLO®


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